Exotic reefing as part of lifestyle

The world of man-made reefing has evolved tremendously over the past few years. To this end, Aquarium Iwarna is proud to be leading the way in the local scene.

With state-of the art equipment, prudent maintenance and meticulous management, we aim to develop a successful man-made reef environment for these delicate creatures.

Sharing the interests and enthusiasm of any serious marine hobbyists, we recognise the importance of sharing the mystifying aquatic world as a part of a learning and continual improving process.

Good Value and Unique Services:

1. Creating interest and sharing knowledge of keeping delicate marine fishes, invertebrates and

2. Serving its role as an importer/exporter and wholesaler/retailer of marine livestocks while corals in a man-made oceanic environment. conserving the wild-life environment through propagation and conscientious caring of these wonderful creatures

3. Building successful tank set-ups for these fantastic marine fishes and invertebrates in man-made reefing environment.

Iwarna has built a strong clientele base from its devoted customer services and commitment in making reefing a success for the customers.

Customers are always welcomed to the farm to share their reefing experiences and join in the excitement in anticipation for new shipment arrivals.

Benefits for choosing us as your reefing partner

Like it or not, you will be sharing knowledge and your unique experience with a bunch of marine-crazy Get first priority to quality and exotic fishes and corals (especially for the rare species).

We will take care of your marine pets as we are to our own.

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