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Step 1. Choose a product
Select a category from one of the menus at the top or on the left side.

Step 2. Ordering
Click on the "Add to Cart" icon when you have found your product. This will add the item into your basket.

Step 3. Your Basket
When you've finished shopping, click on Cart Contents. Your full Shopping Basket. You are allowed to make any changes here, such as changing a quantity. To continue shopping, select 'Continue Shopping'. Then press Go to Checkout

Step 4. Checkout
Click on the Checkout button to start the transaction process.

Step 5. Delivery Address & Shipping
At the Checkout confirmation page, you may use your main address (your billing card address) as your delivery address or elect to enter a new delivery address. You should also select your shipping option here. Plus any comments about the order can be input in the box at the bottom.

Step 6. Payment
At the moment, we accept only PayPal.

Step 7. Order Number
You will be assigned a confirmation Order Number. Please keep this in case you need to contact us regarding your order. You will also be sent an email confirmation.

Enjoy your shopping!